Best Water Filter Pitcher Review & Buying Guide in 2022

Clean water is essential to our body’s health, filtration is one of the best and easiest option to make “unsafe” water “safe”. One of the easiest and efficient way to achieve this is by having the best water filter pitcher in the market. These filters are economical in that you can change the filters cartridges once the capacity of the existing filter reaches its maximum, instead of buying the whole pitcher again. With a water filter pitcher it only takes a short time to get access to clean water.

Best Water Filter Pitchers

MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher Review

MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

Product Overview

A water filter pitcher offers you a convenient and easy way to get clean drinking water at home. The method is inexpensive and if you have the right filter, you will enjoy the experience. The MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher is one such filter that not only looks great but is also highly effective in its work. The general appearance of the pitcher is soft and minimalistic. It is manufactured in Germany and is constructed from high end materials to ensure it gives you the best possible service. Enjoy clean and great tasting water made in an easy and very convenient way.

Features and Specifications

  • Rubberized Feet and Handle
    The improved in-moulded feet protect the bottom surface from getting any scratches. The rubberized feet and handle also enhance safety by minimising slips.
  • Automatic Pour-Through Lid
    This filter is designed such that you need not take the entire lid off when filling it up. This feature other than being convenient also helps reduce contact with more germs that you may have on your hands as you pour in the water. The smart pour-through lid opens up on pressure from the water and automatically closes when water stops to flow.
  • MAVEA Maxtra Filter
    MAVEA Maxtra filter features a micro-screen that reduces release of carbon particles into the system. The unique shape ensures consistent flow rate over the life of the filter and no pre-soaking is required to activate the filter.

    In addition, the filter is treated with silver to provide antimicrobial protection and extend filter life. The filters are 100% recyclable and ensure no black bits are released back into the water. Also, they have the ability to inhibit bacteria growth.

    The system is tested against NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53 to ensure reduction of Aesthetic Chlorine taste and colour, Organic impurities (benzene), heavy metals (mercury and copper), pesticides and lime-scale.

  • BPA Free
    The German made filtration system on the MAVEA 1001125 uses quality BPA-free plastics. This is geared towards health and convenience. The rest of the boy is made from glass which makes the water undoubtedly safer.
  • MAVEA Smart Meter
    This measures the volume of filtered water, water hardness and time in use and lets you know when you need to change your filter. This relieves you the anxiety of not knowing if your filter is still okay or not.


  • The MAVEA pitcher filter comes with rubberized accents that make the glass pitcher comfortable to hold and use. It is also perfectly safe on table tops and counter-tops because it cannot scratch nor fall off easily.
  • The filter is easy and convenient for anyone’s use thanks to the several smart features it comes with.
  • MAVEA supports environmental care with the take-back and recycle program that ensures every part of the filter is re-used.
  • The MAVEA filter gets rid of all contaminants in water leaving in the beneficial potassium magnesium, chlorides, calcium and silica.
  • Therefore, it produces clean and balanced water free of harmful contaminants and still rich in healthy minerals.
  • Delivers clearer and better tasting water by significantly reducing chlorine taste and odour. In turn, the water from the filter makes better good tasting tea, coffee and other concentrated beverages.


  • The claim that you do not have to soak the filter is not quite true, as you have to run two pitchers of water through a new filter to activate it. This is even more trouble than soaking.
  • Mavea’s filtered water produces a reading of 349 PPM of solids. This is about 100 points lower than tap water, which is not really a major improvement.

Customer Thoughts

Most users of the MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher are contented with its performance. It was however noted that some of the features of the filter do no work as smooth as expected. Despite the few shortcomings of the product, most people still prefer it over many other filters as its good qualities really do stand out.

Bottom line

The MAVEA pitcher is a great buy for anyone looking out for an easy, convenient and inexpensive way to get clean good tasting drinking water. The design is stylish, the performance optimal and more to that, it is guaranteed to last. Other than black, it is also available in other exciting colours to meet your preference and taste. The filter stands out from numerous other brands in terms of what it has to offer and more to that it is fairly priced so that you do not have to break the bank to enjoy the luxury of crispy clean drinking water.

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS-1800Z Review

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS-1800Z

Product Overview

This unique PUR pitcher filter is designed using a unique, premium carbon water filter that gets rid of 95% mercury. The pitcher also reduces chlorine taste and order in water and 96% trace levels of pharmaceuticals. This ensures that every filter you get is clean, safe and healthy. Nevertheless, as much as it has the power to rid water of any unwanted substances; it still leaves behind the beneficial mineral fluoride in your water.

The manufacturers of PUR Pitcher Filter incorporate the MAXION filter technology into this product. This is a unique formulation approach for blending carbon and ion exchange materials to provide efficient contaminant reduction. The dispenser filter also has a number of other useful features that make it effective in providing clean water with ease.

Features and Specifications

  • Two-Step Filtration
    Just like many other pitchers, this uses a filter but with a two-step filtration system that ensures you get rid of contaminants twice as other pitchers. The filtration system is believed to have the power to remove up to 96 of trace level impurities. Other than just getting rid of contaminants in your water, the filter also removes specific chemicals that affect the taste and smell of your water. The end result is clean, odour free and great tasting water.
  • Automatic Safety Monitor® Filter Life Indicator
    There is an indicator at the top that lets you know when to replace the filter. This way you do not have to constantly worry if it is time for a replacement or not yet. Note that the lifetime of a filter depends on how often you use the pitcher. Nonetheless, it is recommended that the filter be changed at least every 2 months.
  • Compact Design
    The PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS-1800Z is designed with space economy in mind. You do not need large amounts of space on your countertop or in the fridge to be able to accommodate it. This is quite surprising considering the number of cups it holds. The PUR has a narrow shape and takes up less space than two large bottles which makes it easy to store and move around.
  • Ergonomics
    The handle is sturdy and offers a firm comfortable grip that helps you in moving the filter around. Also, the general sleek design of the pitcher makes it easy to carry and very attractive.


  • The pitchers can holds 18 8-oz cups of healthy, great-tasting water making it suitable for large families or offices. You need not filter water every now and then.
  • Its filtration system has the ability to remove an average of 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals. This is a great as the PUR Pitcher Filter DS-1800Z is the only pitcher filter that has been tested to remove up to an average of 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals.
  • It has a slim, compact design which makes optimal use of refrigerator shelf so that you still have enough room for other items. In addition, the pitcher fits conveniently in the sink for easy refilling.
  • It also comes with a special fill-tray design that helps distribute weight and has handles that make it easy to fill and carry.
  • You need not constantly lift and tilt the pitcher as it also functions as a dispenser and has a convenient spout outlet that lets fill your glass with ease.


  • The filters keep clogging after a couple of days especially if you are a heavy user.

Bottom line

If you are tired of spending a lot of money on bottled water that ends up dissatisfactory due to its taste and smell, then the PUR 18 Cup Dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS-1800Z is the solution. Enjoy clean, good-tasting odourless water all from the convenience of your home by just following fast and simple steps. You do not need to be a pro to use this filter, just fill in your water and give it a few minutes and you’ll be enjoying a refreshing glass of clean and safe water. The product is inexpensive and durable letting you out your money in into other productive uses other than buying bottled water.

Ultimate Review of the Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

Product Overview

The Brita Everyday Pitcher is a cost-effective, convenient alternative to buying bottled water. The Brita Everyday water filter pitcher comes in a standard oval design and clean white colour that makes it attractive on almost any surface. With a large 10-cup capacity, the filter provides great-tasting, healthy water for your family members, office colleagues, or sports team. The Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher prevents you from any risks associated with tap water by delivering safe clean water in an easy and convenient way. It is packed with innovative features to meet all your needs effectively.

Features and Specifications

  • Removable lid
    The Brita Everyday Pitcher is designed for easy use, it has a removable lid. When you need to refill it, simply pop off the lid and fill the pitcher under your tap.
  • Easy to maintain and change Brita Filter
    Maintaining the filter’s best performance is simple as well with the sticker filter indicator that helps you keep track of when you need to change the water filter.

    To change your Brita Filter, first make sure that your hands are clean and then take the new filter and flush it with cold water for around 15 seconds. The next step is to insert the filter into its reservoir, lining up the notch in the pitcher with the grove in the filter. Then proceed to press firmly to ensure you get a tight seal. Finally, once you have the filter in place, fill the reservoir with cold tap water but do not use the first three pitchers for drinking. This is because carbon dust usually appears in the first three pitchers and therefore you can discard the water or better still use it to water your plants and flowers.

  • Sticker filter indicator
    This feature lets you know when you should expect to change your filter. This saves you from the uncertainty of whether to replace or not replace it. With this feature you can also plan to get your filter on time so that your supply of safe and clean water is not interrupted.
  • BPA free
    Just like all other Brita water filter systems, this model is free from any BPA elements which are known to have toxic effects.
  • Ergonomic and convenient design
    The handle of the pitcher offers you a comfortable grip for ease and safety when carrying it around or pouring. In addition, the oval shape of the pitcher makes it quite compact and easy to store in your refrigerator.


  • It is effective in the removal of contaminants giving you water that improves the taste of your coffee, tea, infant formula and even guarantees better cooking. Your pets will also enjoy the taste of Brita water.
  • The pitcher reduces chlorine taste and odour for better tasting water. Also, it rids water of copper, cadmium, and mercury.
  • Filtered water from Brita not only keeps you safe from water related illnesses but also makes sure you stay well dehydrated, which is essential for good health.
  • You get better value for your money. The filter helps you save on money that you would have otherwise spent on bottled water purchases.
  • From a long-term perspective, the Brita Everyday Pitcher Filter helps keep the environment clean. A single Brita water filter saves 300 standard 16 ounces plastic bottles from ending disposed out into the environment.


  • The lid does not fit snuggly and becomes even worse with time.
  • Some users report that it is difficult to lift the filtering reservoir out of the pitcher. This is attributed to the fact that the lip area has an opening barely the size of two fingers to grab the reservoir, but the handle-side is flush–and slightly receded under the handlebar. The reservoir is designed such that you use two hands to lift it, or else it will not come out.

Final Thoughts

The Brita Everyday Water Pitcher Filter offers you lots to love about it. Just like any other product, it has its good side and shortcomings but at the end, the good outweighs the bad. Based on the features it has and its performance, it is fair enough to say the product is worthy a buy. It is durable, fulfils its purpose effectively and in addition lasts over a long period. It is also easy and convenient to use almost from any location: at home, school, work.

Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher Review

Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher

Product Overview

You no longer have to worry about chlorine, mercury, cadmium and copper or the bad taste of water because the Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher, 10 Cup promises to change all these. The pitcher uses an advanced filtration system with activated carbon and ion exchange. It is a convenient and affordable way of having clean and safe drinking water. The Brita pitcher comes built with a number of features that all work together to improve its efficacy and user experience. Another exciting thing is that water from the filter is not only used for drinking, you can use it for your pets, plants and even for making great tasting baby formula.

Features and Specifications

  • Electronic/volumetric filter indicator
    This notifies you of when to change your filter. It ensures that you continue to enjoy the clean and refreshing taste of filtered water all through. You do not have to keep second guessing whether its time to make replacement or not.
  • BPA free
    The pitcher and the filter are constructed from BPA free materials that guarantee you good health. The BPA filter reduces chlorine taste and odour. It also helps eliminate mercury, zinc, cadmium and copper which are often present in tap water.
  • Compact, sleek design
    This Brita pitcher has a stylish compact design that makes it look attractive while at the same time it is easy to store. The streamlined space-efficient shape makes the pitcher comfortably fit in your refrigerator for a cool drink.
  • Easy to change filter
    Always make sure that your hands are clean before touching the filter. Take the new filter and flush it with cold water for about 15 seconds. Next, insert the filter into its reservoir, lining up the notch in the pitcher with the grove in the filter. Proceed to press firmly to ensure you get a tight seal. Finally, once you have the filter in place, fill the reservoir with cold tap water but do not use the first three pitchers for drinking. This is because carbon dust usually appears in the first three pitchers and therefore you can discard the water or better still use it to water your plants and flowers.
  • Efficient Filter
    The filter gets rid of any contaminants in your water leaving it clean but healthy, as it does not filter out valuable minerals like chlorine. This way you get clean, safe water that is still loaded with healthy minerals.


  • The electronic filter indicator calms your anxiety by giving you an indication as to when the filter needs to be changed.
  • It has a comfort grip handle which makes pouring easier and much safer as the handle is also sturdy.
  • The filter reduces a variety of heavy metals and removes bad water tastes from your water giving you refreshing good tasting, odourless water.
  • It is cheaper than bottled water. The filter provides sparkling clean, good tasting water for much less than the cost of bottled water.
  • The manufacturers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which protects you in case of any premature damage or inefficiencies.
  • Its large capacity provides enough clean water at one filter so that you need constantly make new filters in a single day.


  • The lid does not fit well enough. It occasionally slips off especially when you are pouring the water and this causes messy spills.
  • Some users have reported that the filter pops out when you tilt the pitcher. This could however be because the filter was not put in correctly.
  • The indicator cannot be replaced once it stops working.

Final Verdict

If you are looking forward to get value for your money, then this Brita pitcher is guaranteed to offer you just that. It is easily portable meaning you can carry it to camping and sporting activities with ease so that you always have a refreshing glass of clean and good tasting water. The sleek design and material used offer great durability so that you can enjoy its service for a long time to come. Also, when you use this pitcher you not only save money that would have been used to buy bottled water, but you also help save the environment by reducing plastic wastes.

A Comprehensive Review of Zerowater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher

Zerowater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher

Product Overview

The availability of clean and safe water for human consumption is a crisis all around the world. The assumption is that to get clean water in your home, you have to invest in costly equipment and work force. However, there is a quick, simple and cheap alternative that allows you to enjoy clean great tasting water from the convenience of your home, the Zerowater ZP-010 pitcher. It has a filtration system that combines 5 sophisticated technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water delivering you clean and safe water. Packed with numerous other interesting features, the pitcher is easy to use, convenient and efficient in delivering your water cleaning needs.

Features and Specifications

  • 5-stage dual-ion exchange filtration system
    This powerful filtration system removes most dissolved solids from tap water, including lead, hydrogen sulphide, zinc, chromium, mercury, iron, and aluminium, as well as the smell and taste of chlorine. Unlike conventional gravity-fed or carbon water filters that remove only certain substances from your water, ZeroWater’s patented Ion Exchange System with Five-Stage Technology delivers the only filtered water to measure absolute 000 PPM (parts per million) on the TDS meter.

    The 5 stages of filtration your water goes through include:

    • Stage 1: Activated carbon infused micro cloth.
    • Stage 2: Multi-layer system using carbon and oxidation reduces alloy.
    • Stage 3: Distributor that maximizes contact time.
    • Stage 4: Comprehensive ION Exchange array.
    • Stage 5: Non-woven membrane to remove fine particles.
  • Battery-Powered TDS Meter to Test Your Water
    The greatest thing about the ZeroWater Pitcher is that it is not all just about talk. You do not have to accept all its claims blindly, simply test the water yourself with the included meter and watch the results. This just shows how much trust the manufacturers have in their product and the extra length they have gone through to give you the best.

    The TDS( Total Dissolved Solids) meter is powered by two easy to replace 1.5-volt button cell batteries ( which are included), this meter also lets you know the status of your filter. For instance, if your meter reads ‘006’, it’s time to replace the filter.

  • Sleek, Contemporary Design
    This pitcher filter comes in a sleek, patent-pending design that allows for easy storage in your refrigerator. For extra convenience, a handy dispenser at the bottom of the pitcher’s handle allows you to access water without having to remove the pitcher from the fridge.


  • Offers high quality water filtration compared to most water pitchers. The purity of the water obtained from this pitcher is far better than some brands of bottled water.
  • The pitcher is easy to set-up and anyone can do it without need for any special assistance.
  • The pitcher uses gravity and does not need power to operate. This means that it can be used in almost any location.
  • It is the only water pitcher with a filtration system that is in accordance with the FDA definition of pure bottled water. It has been tested and certified by NSF International for removal of several minerals.
  • The ZeroWater pitcher not only improves the taste of your tap water, but also helps to keep the environment safe. By using the ZeroWater Pitcher, you reduce the use of plastic water bottles that clog up landfills and harm the ecosystem.


  • The filters have to be replaced often or else the water begins to taste awful.
  • Some users have also reported that the lid doesn’t fit well and in addition, it is very difficult to pour water from the pitcher without spilling.

Final Verdict

The Zerowater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher stands out from other water filter pitchers in numerous ways. It effectiveness in purifying water is unrivalled and yet remains affordable. The design is also attractive and adds on to its usability. This is definitely a great buy for anyone that seeks to get 100% clean and safe water right from the convenience of their homes. The product is durable and will serve you efficiently for a long time to come. The pitcher is also easy to clean and care for so that your refreshing glass of clean great-tasting water comes with little hassle. This product is worth the buy in every sense.

The Ultimate Guide for Buying the Best Pitcher Water Filter

What Is a Water Pitcher?

Using a water pitcher is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways of getting clean and safe water. The water filter pitcher fulfils most basic small scale water cleaning needs. The equipment is easy to use, it is simply filled with tap water and then the filter in the pitcher is left to do its work. A pitcher can be stored easily in a refrigerator or kitchen countertop depending on kits size and shape.

A filter pitcher cleans water with the help of replaceable carbon filled filters. The carbon tarps tiny particles of chlorine, chemicals and any other by products present within the water. Water pitchers give you constant access to cold and clean water. In addition, they come in an array of designs and sizes allowing you choose the most convenient. They are also affordable.

The only downside to a water filter pitcher is that is quite small and hold water enough only for a small number of people.

Now that you understand what a water pitcher is, its pros and cons, how do you make sure that you get the right type for your needs?

Factors to Consider When Buying Water Filtration Pitcher

Size and Design

The market offers you several brands of water pitchers to choose from. The pitchers come in different sizes and designs. The size and design of a pitcher well affect your experience while using it. Choose a pitcher that has a convenient design and is of the right size to meet your needs. Design includes the functions it has and how each of these functions is positioned to enhance usability. Size on the other hand includes how many people you want it to serve and how you want to store it. If you intend to store it in the refrigerator, then its design should be compact to help you maximize on the use of space.


The prices of water pitchers differ depending on the make and features. Choose a pitcher that is within your budget but make sure not to compromise in quality. Get absolute value for your money by buying the best there is for the price you are willing to pay. in order to make a wise choice, consider reviewing all the choices that you have and then pick a pitcher that stands out most from the rest.

Contaminants You Aim to Remove

Tap water contains different types of contaminants and at different levels depending on their source. Common contaminants removed using a water pitcher filter include chlorine, bacteria and parasites, lead and sediments. Some pitchers are good at removing some pollutants more than others. So make sure you know the type of contaminants present in your water before choosing a pitcher. Reading previous customer reviews could help you make a conclusion on the efficacy of different water pitcher filters in eliminating specific pollutants.

What Makes A Good Water Pitcher?


Just how good is the water you get from your pitcher? What is its taste, smell and how clean is it? a quality pitcher delivers clean, great tasting and odourless safe water for your use. A pitcher’s work is to make water clean and that should be achieved at all costs.

Ease of use

A good pitcher does not have any complications when it comes to using it. All features should be geared towards user convenience. The functions should well positioned and clearly marked for users to locate easily and operate. In addition, all functions should co-ordinate seamlessly for a smooth experience when using.


How comfortable is the pitcher’s design? Do you find it easy to carry it around, pour water, refill it or even clean it? Do all the indicated functions work as they are supposed to? If the answers you give are positive, then your pitcher is good. However, if you always find it difficult, uncomfortable or tiring to use the pitcher, then its usability level is low and that makes it unsuitable.


Most people that use water pitcher filters are trying to cut save money that would have otherwise been spent on bottled water. A good pitcher should therefore give value for your money in the sense that it performs optimally to its full lifespan. It should have a quality designed to ensure it does not break down prematurely.


Clean water is essential to life and this makes the task of finding the right water pitcher quite daunting. Never be in a hurry as you shop for a pitcher, invest your time on research to find out what brands are the best. This can be done by reading online reviews, seeking recommendations and even testing the equipment before buying.

What is the Importance of Drinking Clean Water?

Water is a crucial resource to the existence of life; it is a fundamental human need. Every human requires at least 20 to 50 litres of clean, safe water daily for purposes of drinking, cooking, and keeping themselves clean. Most of the water used all around the world comes from the earth’s surface from sources like rivers, boreholes and lakes. Before this water is delivered to homes, it has to undergo treatment to rid it of any harmful substances that it may contain.

Nonetheless, not everyone has the luxury of accessing this treated water; some people have to get water directly from the source. Most water sources are exposed to thousands of pollutants which often prove to be harmful once they find their way into the human body. There are thousands of health conditions that have been linked to consumption of this water that is unclean and unsafe. Campaigns to sensitize people on the importance of using clean water have been running for years now in an effort to save the human population. Yes, water is life, but cases of people dying due to using contaminated are not new.

So what do we exactly stand to gain if we used clean water for all our various purposes?

Better Health

In order to maintain good health, it is crucial that you stay well hydrated. You are advised to take at least 6 to 8 eight-ounce glasses of clean water every day. Water aids in the body processes ensuring that your body is working optimally. Nevertheless, if the water you are taking is not clean and safe, you are likely to stir an imbalance in these bodily processes which results in you being unwell. Unclean water may contain toxic substances or illness causing germs. To avoid the risk associated with these foreign matter that, take clean water. Clean water keeps you hydrated and above all is free from any harm thus ensuring you enjoy good health at all times.

Improved Quality of Life

When you drink clean water, you are less likely to suffer from diseases associated with contaminated water. This means that you do not waste time nursing illnesses and are therefore able to engage in other meaningful and productive activities with minimal interference. Moreover, being sick in itself is uncomfortable and often painful and by taking clean water you are able to avoid this situation. Some illnesses may take you a short time to heal while others may require a prolonged period of treatment before you can recover fully. A quality life means that you are free from any interruptions to your daily activities, again, when you are well; you are happy and more content with life.

You save on Hospital Bills

Treating water related diseases could be quite costly depending on the type of disease. You may end up spending a fortune just because of a glass of untreated water. Investing in a water treatment and filter plan saves you much more than risking your health by taking contaminated water. The money that you constantly spend in hospital to cater for your medical bills could be used in another area of your life for development.

Wrapping it up

Clean drinking water remains to be a big problem all around the world. Millions of people die every year because of acute and chronic water related illnesses. However, having learnt the importance of drinking clean water, it is then up to the society to come up with methods to ensure that, their water is safe for drinking. Those living in well-established towns may be lucky to have systems in place to ensure they get clean water. Nevertheless, for those that lack such a plan, they could probably use filters, water treatments or simply boil water before drinking it.

Most people bear the assumption that clean water is that which lacks any visible foreign substances. However, not all substances present in water can be seen by the naked eye. This is why you are advised to always be cautious with the water you drink. Even when water appears pure, you should take it through a purification process to be 100 % sure that it is safe and fit for your consumption.

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